Herbert HOLL


Surname:                          Holl

Name:                                Herbert Helmuth Erich Kurt,

Nationality:                        Dutch

Date of Birth:                     August, 9Th 1959


1982 – 1986                        Bachelor of Civil Enginering, Hogere Technische School, Hengelo, the Netherlands

1986 – 1990                        Master of Public Administration, Major in Civil Enginering,

                                           University Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

1992 – 1994                        Bachelor of Business administration, Markus Verbeek , Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2008 – 2009                        Bachelor of education in economics, Saxion Next, Deventer, the Netherlands

2013                                   Tesol Certificate, King George International Business College,

                                           Vancouver, Canada, location Istanbul

2016                                   Tesol Diploma, Tesol for Test preparation IELTS TOEFL,

                                           King George International Business College, Vancouver, Canada, location Istanbul

Professional Experience

2017                                   Öğretim Görevlisi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi  Çağ Ünivertisi Mersin, Turkey 

2016 - 2014                         English Teacher, Nigde, Turkey

2014 – 2013                        English Teacher at Oxford Language Learning Centre, Nigde, Turkey

2012 – 1996                        Adviesbureau Drs. H.H.E.K. Holl, 

                                           Business Administration and Fiscal Law Consultancy, Enschede, The Netherlands                                

2012 – 2010                        Kursat Serbest Muhacebeci Ltd, Consultancy, Director, Gronau, Germany

2012 – 2010                        VAM Personeelsdienst B.V. manager Human resources, Enschede, the Netherlands

2011 – 2010                        Teacher of mathematics at Scholingsboulevard Enschede, the Netherlands

2010 – 2007                        Teacher of economics at ROC ASA  Amersfoort, the Netherlands

2007 – 2002                        RPC Bebo B.V. Goor ( manufacturing off foodpacking materials ) 

                                           Several functions in Quality Controll, Warehouse management and Line Production

2002 – 1999                        Jeri B.V. ,Enschede, the Netherlands 

                                           Wholesale Import – Export Fruit and Vegetables, Financial director

1998 – 1996                        Reisler B.V. , Hade B.V. Enschede the Netherlands

                                           Wholesale Import – Export Vegetables, Financial director


Language Skills

Dutch:                 Advanced Native speaker

German:              Advanced

English:               Advanced

Turkish:               Intermediate

French:                Elementery

Danish:                Elementery

Spanish:              Elementery